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About Alin Popescu

2003-2006: early period of learning, studying and trying to do photography. I’ve started shooting with a second hand Nikon CoolPix 800, then went the dSLR way, buying my first real camera, a Nikon D70s in july 2005. Willing to get recognition for my photography work, I start participating on photography contests with no “notable” achievements.


  • 1 st prize at “Fotogeografica” 10th edition, under patronage of National Geographic Romania
  • grand prize winner of Microsoft Future Pro Photographer with a net-worth value around 28.000 USD – with “Slalom
  • second prize at National Saloon of Tourism “Travel and holidays”
  • 2 articles published in Romanian Photomagazine (one about HDR photography and one portfolio presentation)
  • upgraded to Nikon D200, keeping the “old” D70s for Infrared photography after a major modification on camera sensor (did it myself) and thus becoming the first Romanian photographer with a dedicated camera for IR photography


  • Nikon buys my “Sunrise over village” photo to appear in their Nikon International Calendar (appeared as March photo in 2009 calendar)
  • new article published in Photomagazine, about IR photography
  • winner of photography camp “Sancrai Ecvestru” – equestrian photography
  • third prize and honorable mention at “See Orange” photography contest sponsored by mobile company Orange


  • grand prize winner on “Chivas Regal” photography contest by photographing their 18 y.o Chivas Regal whiskey at its launch in Romania – with “The Muse
  • official photographer when Chivas Master Blender Colin Scott launched the 25 y.o Chival Regal whiskey in Romania
  • bronze FIAP Medal (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique) on International Saloon of Photography “Premfoto”
  • personal exhibition “Aproape Liniste” (Almost quiet)
  • photographs accepted at International Saloon of Photography “Dan Mihai Calinescu” under patronage of FIAP and AAFR
  • personal assistant of well-known Romanian photographer Narcis Virgiliu
  • charity group exhibition “Best Foto Fest” to raise awareness of visually impaired people


  • I start my own blog – www.aLLinpopescu.ro dedicated to photography, food, travel, camera reviews… You got it: aLLin™ 🙂
  • invited to become Established Member of AAFR (Romanian Association of Artist Photographers)
  • silver medal on SIAFRMP 3rd ed. International Photography Contest – under patronage of AAFR and MFZS (Romanian and Hungarian artist photographers associations)
  • went full frame and upgraded to Nikon D700
  • two articles published on Nikonisti.ro (official Nikon Romania community)
  • third prize at National Saloon of Tourism “Travel and holidays” – Legendary Mountains category
  • gold AAFR medal on 4th ed. of International Saloon of Photography SIAFRMP under patronage of AAFR and MFZS
  • first prize at Velvel Live Art party – live fashion photography
  • Photographer of the Year for commercial photography and Gold AAFR medal during national contest “Photographer of the Year”


  • honorable mention on Spider Awards Black and White photography contest and 3 nominated photographs during ceremony – with “Broken Electricity
  • professional “daddy” – I went into 1 year paternity leave so my full time was dedicated to my daughter Andreea.
  • charity group exhibition “Best Foto Fest” to raise awareness of visually impaired people


  • more focus on blogging and helping others in their quest for new cameras
  • invited to be a jury member on several photography contests
  • together with Narcis Virgiliu we organise three workshops dedicated to panoramic photography
  • invited to become a Nikon Travel Guide – Istanbul in 2011 and Moldova in 2012
  • new blogging project in collaboration with Razvan Anton: he cooks and I shot the recipes to be published on the instantly successful blog www.razvananton.ro
  • invited to photograph Neamt Region for Romania Student Tour project. Photos are published in a nation-wide coverage photo album.


  • Nikon D4 is launched in Romania and due to organisers mistake I’m allowed to publish the first world photos with this camera (still not final). My blog peaks to the maximum allowed visitor per month in just couple of hours and fails. Host provider not happy 🙂
  • group photo exibition at video gaming company Ubisoft (mostly Textures and Landscapes)
  • my blog is awarded 3rd prize on Professional Photography Blog during RoBlogFest 2012


  • speaker at Nikon Users Weekend (nikonisti.ro) – two days doing workshops about Timelapse Photography
  • winner of Best Start Photography during national cycling contest “Prima Evadare” and 2nd prize on Photo reportage category
  • pilot episode for a new project “Romania-n Bucate” (lost culinary recipes from all over Romania) – La stana lui nea Folea
  • second modification of a camera to photograph in InfraredNow I am able to do IR video too


  • first worldwide review for Sony a6000. Blog is down for the second time in it’s life due to heavy traffic (50.000+ unique visitors that day)
  • invited to photograph “Tara Crisurilor” for Romania Student Tour project. Photos are published in a nation-wide coverage photo album.
  • official blogger and photographer on project #priNeamt editia a 3-a
  • new Facebook page Me and Myselfie – groupies all the way
  • winner of off-road photo contest GoodYear 4×4
  • 1st time official blogger for an external event – Vernisajul Vinului Chisinau, Rep. Moldova. Article is well received and local press from Moldova quotes me several times
  • charity exhibition to help hearing impaired kids. Several of my photos donated to raise funds, helping 13 kids in total


  • Versus.com place my Sony a6000 review on top of the best reviews on Internet for this camera, in front of Dpreview.com other big shots in this field.
  • Dreamin‘ photo is selected Top 10 Best Abstract photos 2014 on 500px from a total of 4 milion+ uploaded photographs on their site during the previous year
  • same photo is Commended Top 50 Sony World Photography Organisation 2015
  • same photo becomes Runner-up at Explore the Elements by Thomas Cook travel photography contest
  • jury member for Fotogeografica 2015, same contest I won back in 2006
  • official photographer for #EnjoyBucharest, an event which promotes Romania and Bucharest at an international level as a city-break destination
  • to be continued … 🙂