Sony Bravia 4k HDR behind the scenes – Day four on set

Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV Commercial – behind the scenes

Day four on set


Did you miss Ulf’s wiring systems? The last day of the TVC started with a final scene of the invasion, two balloons in a new room, with beautiful light, mirrors and a dolly hunted by these balloons.

There were not so many things on paper for the day, but it still took a while to shoot everything. They’ve split again the team into 3 camera crews, two of which were supposed to film separately some motion VFX – glitter in the air, isolated on black or white, small explosions, glitter spinning inside the balloons so they could add it in the final TVC.

In charge for all VFX was Johannes Mueller who was supervising every camera setups, every effect, taking notes on exposure settings, FPS, angles etc. so his studio could match and blend every VFX needed for this commercial.


The most creative part was to shoot the internal of a balloon like an X-Ray, because somewhere in the final TVC, before balloons start to explode and reveal coloured glitter, you could see some movement inside. This was achieved by blowing high pressure air inside a balloon with glitter inside. It was lit from behind and the camera could see tiny particles rotating inside

Then something stroke me like a hammer. I’ve passed by these pillars 3 days in a row and I couldn’t tell they were fake, put there from the beginning and now removed to make more room for another scene of full interior room covered in glitter.

In the meantime outside they were preparing another exploding shoot, this time lots of balloons where pushing from inside, and a window was going to break due to this pressure. Glitter everywhere! 🙂

When I got back inside, between reshoots of the breaking window scene, the “landscape” was changed once again in the fake pillars room

The last scene before the shooting end was a slow-motion recording of a wobbling ballon, filled with glitter and also being shot with the guns. The SFX guys build a ring and used it like a slingshot to project balloons in front of the camera. Genius at play!

And then, everyone heard the so well deserved words

It’s a wrap!

Sony gear used

All photos in this article were shot with the Sony A7s (read my review here) and various Sony and Sony-Zeiss lenses.


Author: Alin Popescu

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