Sony Bravia 4k HDR behind the scenes – Day three on set

Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV Commercial – behind the scenes

Day three on set


3rd day was nothing short of interesting stuff and colours. It was the day when most of the interior balloon exploding and bursting into colourful glitter happened.

But they still had to shoot a last scene of balloons traveling throughout rooms as part of the invasion.

The camera was filming through the open doors, but there it was a huge gap in the pavement. Roman had to do some dangerous dancing, but he was all the time “handled” by another guy.


There was also a drone shoot from the outside and the big mushroom window need to be filled with balloons, so from the outside it looked like this. During the recording of the scene, someone had to move frantically the balloons from the inside 🙂

In the mean time, something beautiful was near to happen inside, in the big hallway.

The room was going to change like this

But how?, you may ask.

First, an “army” of SFX guys started to fill the balloons with glitter too, not only air and helium.

Then, another “army” started to manually spread glitter all over the hallway, under strict supervision of Marketa Korinkova, the Production Designer of this TVC and Cristina Barbu, the romanian Art Director.

They both did an amazing job and I felt sad at the end all this colours had to be removed. It would have been a beautiful memory for the Casino to keep.

As you imagine, there are some more explosions coming now, since after the set was ready glitter-filled balloons had to explode inside in full colours. After exploding balloons were set-up in their positions by using wires sticked to the pavement, three persons were in charge of blowing them up, using compressed air guns.

Even before this scene, there was a big rule:

Minimal crew on set!

Imagine now, how this rule was re-inforced. I was thrown by the door and I got back by the window 🙂 I got the client on my side who wanted me to capture everything so I’ve convinced Kai Kullack, the 1st Assistant Director that I must be in the room. We were equipped with earplugs and plastic protective glasses.

The show was amazing and I just wanted this scene to be shot multiple times and boy it did!

Glitter everywhere!

Then we moved with the shooting and explosions up the stairs. A camera was set just under the “fire”

Cristina and Marketa called me upstairs during a break in the main scene that was shot at that time to see something they’ve created for a “small” scene: the hand.

The girl with a dog from the outside Casino colourful explosion scene had a part when she had to catch with her free hand the falling glitter. This was shot inside and the pavement need to be replaced with a fake one, full of already fallen glitter. This was the work of art of these two crafty women:

Last scene of the 3rd day was shot near the big mushroom window, and I’m sure you’ve guessed, other glitter filled balloons explosions.

Traces of balloons explosions

Sony gear used

All photos in this article were shot with the Sony A7s (read my review here) and various Sony and Sony-Zeiss lenses.


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