Sony Bravia 4k HDR behind the scenes – Day two on set

Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV Commercial – behind the scenes

Day two on set


The second morning of the shoot started of course with the safety instructions. Also, a legal representative of the city was there to make sure rules are abided since the most interesting part of the shoot was going to happen in this second day. Read on!

The most difficult scene to shot was the one that on “paper” didn’t look that difficult. The idea behind was that balloons are so many and space is so crowded that things inside the Casino start to break, especially a big pillar/column of the stairs.

I saw in the first day a guy painting some cylinders but I couldn’t tell what they where until this scene was set.

So the balloons, after climbing the stairs, becomes so crowded that space is no longer enough for them and a pillar cracks, filmed in slow motion. Of course they wanted it to be as real as possible and the set-up was extremely complex. People pushing balloons all over the place, one main balloon compressing itself into the pillar, and someone else forcing the polystyrene pillar to crack. It looked simple but I think it was the scene the most difficult to shoot. (I’m writing this before seeing the final TVC and I’m not even sure if this scene made it to the final clip).

While doing the set-up after every take of the previous scene, crew B shot another scene, the one in the biggest room (the one with the mushroom window that can be seen from outside) with the balloons hitting the chandelier.

Soon after this scene, the invasion continued into this big room, near the mushroom window. The highest number of balloons that I’ve ever seen in one place were connected one to each-other and people were pushing and pulling them across the room.

And now we have arrived at the most colourful part of the entire day. We’ve moved outside for the big explosion. The plot was that balloons got so crowded and the Casino was filled completely, finally to explode into a burst of coloured dust and glitter. Something like this 🙂

Let there be colours

They only had two takes on this. Two, and that was it! Everything needed to be perfect. It took almost 2 hours to redo the setup after the first take. SFX team had plenty of canons to fill, plenty of exploding fuses to set-up and behind the Casino some coloured smoke grenades.

Interesting fact No. 6

They’ve used approx 500 kg of coloured powder and some 1000 kilos of glitter in different sizes and colours.


Everyone had to be in his position, walking a specific path, reacting at the bang and looking up, towards the exploding Casino. To make sure everything will be perfect related to casting, they’ve did plenty of dry shots with no explosions. The guy responsible of getting the pavement wet had a lot of work to do.

All 5 cameras were setup in different angles and different capture speed, to get also some slow-motion. Something like this 🙂 (yes, I’ve used again my iPhone, while my Sony A7s was doing the timelapse you’ll see below). Also a drone has captured the action from the air.

After the explosion the camera moves to the main talent, the girl with the dog. There are plenty of frames with her: she is covered in glitter, looks at her hand (another scene shot inside) and then the dog that was covered in glitter too will shake its fur.

This concluded the second full day of shooting. Please read the previous Interesting fact No. 5 :)! It’s true!

Sony gear used

All photos in this article were shot with the Sony A7s (read my review here) and various Sony and Sony-Zeiss lenses.


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